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You can order our CD for 16 euros + 2,50 shipping cost: see contact

Download excerpts of CD (mp3):
  • Cantiga 330(678kB),
  • Cantiga 111
  • Cantiga 281
  • Puis qu`en oubli (G. de Machaut)
  • Abre tu puerta
  • Las estrellas de los cielos
  • Sama´i der Nuba "Wasla al-asba´ayn"
  • The desire of ASFUR is to bring to a new life ancient music and to understand it as the point of departure of a continuous tradition exposed to permanent changes. A particular interest is focused on historical relations between oriental and medieval music. Traditional arrangements of historical sources as well as new interpretations make recognise the emotional power of this music. The Arabic name of the Ensemble ( ASFUR = bird ) is the symbol of the surpassing of the frontiers of music - not only between the past and the present, but also between the Orient and the Occident. ASFUR embodies the inspiring connection of euro- pean music with the varied influences of the Orient - from the remote Middle Ages to our days.